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I have huge gratitude for Sharon and Warren who have helped steer me on a path toward vibrant health. I love their mission statement and feel in my depths that I am a recipient of the love and dedication to their mission. Earthwise Gourmet products are made with such love. Each mouthful is melting into and receiving their energy on all levels!!! You guys rock!
- Kate Anderson, Christchurch New Zealand
In every Earthwise Gourmet product you can literally see, smell, hear, feel and taste the difference. And then there's that sixth sense, the passionate caring spiritual vibration of the food infused by its hearts and hands on creators Warren and Sharon. Here are two unique talents who care so much about giving the best of themselves to discerning customers who want the very best quality and value possible. I'm a huge fan, with a huge thank you
- Gayel Marquet, New Zealand
Where do I start...not only is the food Earthwise Gourmet lovingly prepares fabulous, so too are Warren, Sharon and the girls. Love the Kombucha, hummus, Fabulous Chewy Brownie, and the Divine Goddess Chocolate. The granola is awesome too. The razzle dazzle berry  parfait with the granola and yoghurt were always a hit with my kids. Whenever I am in Christchurch I always head to the market to get my Earthwise Gourmet treats.
- Suze Steenson, Auckland, New Zealand
I have been a sauerkraut connoisseur for 60 years or more. At 1st my only experience was out of a supermarket can. Later I had fresh sauerkraut in delicatessens– that was quite an improvement. I've not always lived in places I could get fresh sauerkraut, but here in Christchurch we have the most phenomenal rendition of gourmet sauerkraut made by this wonderful company.
- Philip Snow Gang, Christchurch, New Zealand
Great food - great people !!!
- Mark Weston, New Zealand

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